About Us


Our Focus

As principal at Precise Packaging Services, Clay Robinson's primary focus is on the  analysis, design, development, and product management of customer packaging.  Clay holds a  Masters degree in Industrial Management as well as multiple closure and related packaging design patents.


Our Experience

Clay has over thirty years experience in the injection and blow molding of thermoplastics for closures and containers, including direct supervision of closure lining and assembly, off-set printing and decorating of closures and bottles, and Quality engineering and management.


Why Choose Precise?

Precise and our associates will assist you at any point in your project or manage your entire program, if you desire.

Utilizing our services allows you to save money : 

  • Reduce downtime and increase productivity
  • Conserve ever shrinking resources
  • Operate with limited packaging staff 
  • Make the right packaging decisions with professional guidance
  • Investigate failure modes 

Utilizing our services allows you to win cases:

  • Failure mode analysis
  • Physical modeling of failure  exemplars
  • Expert Witness testimony