Areas of Expertise

Clay Robinson has a unique blend of qualifications developed over thirty years in the disciplines of product quality management and product design. Clay's expertise will assist you in building your product liability case involving:

  • Child Resistant Closures
  • Infant & Adult Nutritional Packaging 
  • Pharmaceutical caps and bottles
  • Household Chemical Packaging
  • Automotive Oil and Antifreeze Packaging

Identifying Problems

Working from an extensive knowledge of how products are designed, manufactured and inspected, Clay or a member of his team can help you investigate a product's failure mode.  Our laboratory has a variety of instrumentation capable of detailed analysis of plastic products.

Documenting the Failure

Precise Packaging Services can provide both high resolution imaging of exemplars for documentation and video explanations of the failure mode.  We  can prepare non-shrinking urethane cast samples for the demonstration of failure characteristics or to illustrate proper product function.  We also have machine shop capability for the construction of mock ups in metal, wood, or plastic.  

Legal Testimony

Clay's expert witness testimony in legal actions regarding child resistant closure failures  have resulted in favorable outcomes for Precise clients. Thorough analysis and preparation have routinely led to pre-trial settlements.

Professional Links

We are familiar with the Poison Prevention Packaging Act regulations and are listed with both CPSC and EPA as consultants in the area of Child Resistant Packaging.